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This service can be ideally used for special occasions such as thanks, an important announcement … Spark: An interesting creation tool Spark is worth a try. However, it quickly presents some limitations. For example, by creating a web page, you can only include videos hosted on youtube, vimeo or spark video. Have you tested it? What do you think ? She regularly publishes photos of her (happy) employees on her social networks. On its site, a whole section is devoted to life in the company. And in real life, she even holds house parties that are open to the public. Moreover, at Michel and Augustin we do not speak of a company or head office but of “the Banana plantation”. You can also strengthen your image by showing behind the scenes of your business.

Play with transparency and show that the values you advocate are actually applied to it. This establishes connivance with your audience and will have a positive impact on your image. And then, like any other person, your bran  should spark feelings. Above all, do not South Korea Phone Number List neglect emotion in the process of joining and converting your prospects. It is often the element that triggers the act of spontaneous purchase. Emotion creates proximity and therefore consumer attachment to your brand. Questions to ask yourself: If your brand were a real person, what would their character traits be? How can you make this stand out in your branding? (visual identity, choice of words, tone, marketing …).

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Storytelling to strengthen your credibility Or ” The act of telling a story (to sell) “. For your brand to impose its identity, it must have a background, a story. Knowing where your business comes from or how the product was born… these elements reinforce your brand’s identity with its target audience. Whether this story is true or false, keep in mind that your customers are in fact buying a product / emotion / value package . It is this trinity that creates the bond of attachment of your customers to your brand. Coca-Cola plays very well on storytelling and the transmission of value. By the way, here is how I was integrated into the Nile team when I arrived . Hiring a star salesperson is tempting, but it’s also risky.


The brand advocates friendship and living together. This is the story told through each of its advertisements and in particular the most recent ones, with the possibility of personalizing the bottles with the first names of your friends. Our recommendation To set up a storytelling around your brand you must go through 3 steps: understand your customers tell a story, real or imagined invent the resulting universe to make your story known to the consumer Responsible ethics to unite around a common mission. While these sales reps are great individual contributors to a company’s growth, they’re rarely great team players.

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More and more, and rightly so, the personality of a brand also reflects Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That is to say that brands publicly admit their responsibility and duty on social, environmental and economic concerns. Put it like that, it sounds complicated but if you pay attention to it you will see companies every day who are strengthening their image by committing to this voice. Mc Donalds is the most telling example. Since 2010, the famous yellow and red signs have disappeared to make way for green and yellow. Why do you think? evolution-of-the-image-of-mc-donalds.

Public opinion is turning more and more towards the preservation of the environment and the fast food chain has felt this. Green fully supports this image turned towards ecology. In addition to suggesting its commitment, the firm will have dusted off its image and revamped its image tarnished by the term junk food. In parallel with this chromatic change, the company has launched advertising campaigns focused on the sanity of its food and sustainable development. It has also implemented more concrete actions in this direction (less polluting trucks, recycling of frying oils, etc.).

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