Driven Working Doesnt Work


I have previously written about the definition South Africa Phone Number of a CDP. Its differences from CRM, DMP and other data systems. It is, the description is so long because it works just different than the data systems of yesteryear. Here I emphasize data access, so the part ‘managed by the marketer’. Data-driven: bring separate data sources South Africa Phone Number together Data is naturally captured at different touchpoints and (therefore) in multiple systems. The number of resources is only expect to grow as a result of further digitization and growth of IoT.

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Data In Silos

To connect all that data and deliver South Africa Phone Number actionable insights, we need to bring this data together in a meaningful way. This is a different approach from direct system links where you link two or more systems directly to each other. The starting point is to create a central hub and bring the data together there. That hub must be open to all source and output systems. In a CDP, the data merging functions capable of connecting multiple South Africa Phone Number systems are already bundle.


Data in different formats

So don’t build on-demand, that’s a big South Africa Phone Number difference. If it’s a true CDP, the whole system is open and connected to data sources. Little to no customization is require. The system must also be connected to the output systems, for example for internal use for analytics and BI or externally for messages such as email marketing, ads South Africa Phone Number or push notifications to the customer. Enrich data The first party data of identified customers is what we normally think of when thinking of a company database.

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