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A marketing manager in an SME in the Rhône-Alpes region wonders how to obtain results and case studies from her clients.  Customer testimonials are marketing content that has worked very well in the industry and have done so for years. But why ? Because it gives your potential customers the image of a trustworthy company and proves that your product or service meets industry requirements. Documented case studies for the industry Getting testimonials and reviews from your customers in the industry can be tricky sometimes . Whether for reasons of confidentiality or for questions of availability, there are many obstacles to this type of marketing format.

However, documented case studies are particularly useful when you want to demonstrate the concrete benefits that your solution has brought to companies Ghana Phone Numbers List in your industry. The opinion of your industrial customers: the best content you can produce There is nothing more meaningful and engaging for a potential client than the impact of your work on issues similar to theirs. You have to go beyond the “confidentiality” aspect because often, there is nothing confidential… Your case study must be written in such a way as to target the needs of your buyer personas . Find out how our Inbound consultants help businesses like yours!

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When writing such content, avoid a title that is too generic, but focus on a specific challenge, problem or issue that this company has managed to overcome with your help. Later, use the case study to describe how your client achieved this result.  The study should focus on your customer’s initial issues when he contacted you. And not on your industrial company or your product / service. Find examples of case studies that we have with our customers. 2. The opportunity to process what works! These exchanges are also an opportunity to talk about what works with your customers and thus get out of a daily routine, often made up of technical issues, exchanges on malfunctions, etc.


In short, get out of the ambient negativity and deal with what works , because it feels good sometimes. A bit of positivism! 3. Consolidate the relationship with your B2B customers The case study is not the mission of the marketing intern, but rather that of the manager of the industrial SME! And for good reason, it’s an opportunity to consolidate the relationship you have with your best customers. How better to honor them than to get a time with the leader. Between business leaders, the issues are often similar, they understand each other.

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In addition, if you want to have a “business-oriented” vision, you need a contact whose priority is the return on investment and business results. Industrialize the process for carrying out case studies It’s important to understand that your case studies will be more impactful if you make them resonate with your audience. To do this, it is recommended  to industrialize the approach: Plan these actions monthly and quarterly in your diary to ensure regularity in the production of case studies. Don’t hesitate to contractualize the realization of customer testimonials when signing a new customer.

Your client must also be committed to your success, just as you are ultimately committed to theirs… Record your interview to stay in an active listening process with your interlocutor. You will be able to deepen your questions, be sure to be able to refer to the recording if necessary. Try to start from the initial situation of your client when he contacted you. What was the solution provided and its impact on the activity? Ask him to name 3 reasons why he is happy to collaborate with you. The most important thing: ask your client for concrete, specific, quantified results! You will be able to obtain statistics, telling examples,  recommendations  from this case study.

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