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You can safely entrust these questions to a chatbot. The Sweden Phone Number chatbot recognizes the customer’s question, provides an immdiate answer and shares the correct information. In the unlikely event that the chatbot cannot resolve the matter, the conversation is automatically assignd to a real-life employee. A conversation with a customer service Sweden Phone Number chatbot might look like this: A chatbot can inform customers about, for example, delivery time, shipping costs, returns and opening hours. If you notice that there are many questions about a different topic, you can teach the chatbot to answer these questions as well. This way you Sweden Phone Number make the chatbot a little more intelligent.

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The benefits of a chatbot for customer service Sweden Phone Number Customer questions are answerd faster. Customer satisfaction goes up. Read here how Kitcentrum uses a chatbot for their customer service. Recruit candidates in a unique way Instagram is regularly usd for recruitment. For example, open positions are shard by employees and Sweden Phone Number vacancies are advertisd by companies. However, it is not often that a potential candidate applies directly. Why? Because he still has questions. For example, questions about the Sweden Phone Number position, conditions or duration of the vacancy. Fortunately, a chatbot can also be helpful here by answering questions, sharing vacancy information and even processing the application.

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A conversation with a recruitment chatbot might Sweden Phone Number look like this: In the example above, the chatbot asks for a few details from the candidate, he says to send an email as soon as more is known about the application. This is not Sweden Phone Number necessary. You can also have the chatbot fill in the complete application form. This way the candidate does not have to leave the chat to finalize the application. The benefits of a chatbot for Sweden Phone Number recruitment Questions from potential candidates are answerd immdiately. The threshold for applying is much lower. Marketing and lead generation You can also use a chatbot for marketing purposes.

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