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Tweets if we look at the number of tweets and retweets . We can see that Namibia phone number retweets clearly outnumbered . A total of 215.000 retweets were produced against 60.000 tweets with original content. Daily tweets on the other hand. In terms of the number of daily tweets Namibia phone number. The vast majority occurred on the day of the event. On the 23rd there were a total of 51.612 tweets compared to 1.484 the day before. It should be notd that the number of retweets was clearly higher. With a total of 167.927 during book day. At what time were the most tweets recordd. Tweets per hour Namibia phone number if we look at the hours in which the highest number of tweets were registered.

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We can see that most of  them were publishd from 10 am to 11 pm . The golden minute was recorded at 17:00. With a maximum of 160 tweets per minute . While the golden hour was from 4:00 p.m. To 5:00 p.m.. With a total of almost 4.000 tweets. The most outstanding Namibia phone number users on book day keep in mind that during book day there were more than 60.000 original tweets Namibia phone number. Do you want to know who were the most active users who used the official hashtag ? Here is the top 10! Users with more tweets among the most active tweeters we find daniieelolvera . With a total of 86 tweets and retweets . Within the top 10. We can find editorial planeta (edit_planeta) in eighth Namibia phone number position. With 73 tweets and retweets.

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We find cnn en español (cnnee) with a total of 16.7 million Namibia phone number followers . Muy interesante (muyinteresante). El país (el_pais). Among other media. Users with more followers book day trending topics users who tweeted about the event did so by including the official hashtag in their posts . Which recorded a total of 105.079 tweets followed by Namibia phone number. The hashtag saintjordi with 14.761. The volume of publications made with diadellibro placed it as a global trending topic from 8:50 a.m. To 7:29 p.m. Of the same day. Positioning itself on several occasions in first position. The hashtag saintjordi was also positiond in the list of trending topics worldwide. From 08:59 to 15:44 he was Namibia phone number below the top 10. Even reaching first position at 11:44. Social media analytics you can see the full report at this link.

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