Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

Security: Since resources are user-specific, infrastructure and systems can be configured to provide a high level of security.

Customization: The authority to customize hardware and other resources in line with the company’s needs rests with the company itself.

Privacy: Organizations have greater assurance that only they can access the sensitive data they hold.

Performance: The network is faster.

Predictable Pricing: Private cloud costs are predictable, as the organization itself is responsible for procuring the hardware, software, and infrastructure needed.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud

Cost: Private cloud can be quite expensive, especially in the beginning because the organization has to procure almost everything itself.

Maintenance and Support: Since the organization is responsible for managing and operating its own private cloud, it must actively monitor the deployment, provisioning, security and maintenance of private cloud resources.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a software solution that combines a private cloud service with one or more public cloud services and enables communication between the two.

hybrid cloud; It enables an enterprise to use on-premises private cloud for sensitive workloads and public cloud for less critical situations such as workloads such as archiving, testing and development.

hybrid cloud; It allows businesses experiencing spikes in demand during periods such as the holiday season to use the additional resources of the public cloud for their applications running in the private cloud. Hybrid cloud is well suited for both such varying workloads and big data processing.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

Privacy: Hybrid cloud has the pluses of private cloud in terms of data security. It ensures the securing of sensitive data belonging to businesses.

Continuity: In case of any disruption in a part of the infrastructure, your work will not come to a standstill.

Flexibility: It allows the instant and flexible addition or removal of needed computing resources instead of adding expensive and maintenance-requiring new hardware during periods of increased workload.

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