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Stay transparent and bring your brand values to life. Understanding and mastering all the cogs of a strong and lasting. You have 8 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. 8 seconds… The time it takes to scroll your page from top to bottom and hover over its content. If nothing catches the visitor’s attention during this period of time, they will go to other sites. It may seem short, but think about how you discover a new website, and how you act during those first 8 seconds of discovery. Many sites fail to captivate their visitors. Not because they have nothing interesting to say or to suggest, but because their authors think only of factual content without integrating the codes of web writing .

Writing and structuring the content of your web pages to generate and maintain the interest of your audience is a technical exercise. It sounds like a science Thailand Phone Number List  because there is a set of methods that can achieve desired goals (and whose impact has been measured). For the best web editors, we can even speak of creative art because their production makes the imagination work and leads to an emotional response from their readers. These web writing techniques alone can make the difference in getting your site readers to sign up for your newsletter, buy your products or services, and share your content.

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Let’s see together how to successfully achieve this decisive step in the creation of a website: content writing. How to prepare to write content for your pages Take a breath, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down your vision , values, and mission . Write down on this sheet everything that makes up the identity of your company and your brand. You have certainly already gone through this stage when preparing your digital strategy . Establish an editorial line that will serve as a guide for writing the pages and articles of your website: The tone you will use (serious, cordial, humorous, offbeat), the use of address or familiarity, the typical people to whom you will address, the type of subjects you will address.


This editorial line is the equivalent of a graphic charter but applied to the editorial content. It also defines the identity of your brand on the internet. Adhering to it will bring consistency to your entire web presence and contribute to the effectiveness of your content marketing. How to anticipate the expectations of your visitors The content of your site must present your activity but also take into account the interests of your readers. He must answer their requests and more still, that is to say that he must answer the questions which they have not yet asked themselves .

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It is only by fulfilling this condition that your site will establish itself as a reference in your field. Penetrate the minds of your readers! To get in the minds of your visitors and anticipate their needs, think about the cause of their questioning, as do children who constantly ask “why” as soon as their questions are answered. Turn back the path of their thought. You will thus be able to identify their basic need. For example, if you arrived on this page while searching for “How to write the content of my site?” I conclude that you are looking for how to write a page in terms of content (that was easy) but also: how to organize.

Your page how to get your page referenced how to organize and choose the titles of your page how to keep your visitors as long as possible on your site how to keep your readers coming back how to get shares on social networks how to convert your readers into customers how to increase your site traffic to increase your sales By applying this method you will go back to the essential questions of your visitors. How to find ways to better understand the expectations of your readers? Go to blogs dealing with your topic and read the comments. You will anticipate the needs of your readers.

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