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How can you integrate its actions into your brand image? A logo that marks people’s minds The logo is the central visual element of your brand image and by extension of your communication. Choice of shape, colors, movements, textures, everything is thought out and analyzed in Spain Phone Number List the creation of a logo . Your logo performs 5 functions: To be seen and recognized Reassure and convince Unite the community Make the difference. Thanks to the implementation of a digital strategy, you will gradually increase your visibility and your notoriety at the same time. Be visible where your target audience is and tailor your speech to each communication channel. Each of us perceives its meaning, even unconsciously.

Blue is the color of communication. In recent years, we have seen many connected brands adorned with a blue logo. Make an impression For more information on logo design, read our article “ Designing a Perfect Logo: The Basis of Strong Branding ”. A strong and unique visual identity It ensures uniformity on all your means of communication. It visually conveys your message and values you. It is a benchmark for consumers and it provides a bond of stability and trust. The more powerful, coherent and complementary the different elements of your visual identity, the stronger your brand will be. You will be recognizable at first glance. Think about the colors first.

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Studies have shown the influence of colors on consumers! By specifically choosing colors, you benefit from their associated meaning. By choosing a color code other than the one commonly associated with your type of product, you risk leaving some of your potential customers on the bench. It’s a risk or a way to get attention, the choice is yours. Typography is the backbone of your visual identity. Fonts contribute 1/3 to your image. The typography itself is also meaningful. A thin and slender font will be synonymous with luxury. A font that resembles handwriting will establish closeness. Sound Identity (if needed) will be your brand’s soundtrack.


It is not essential but if you plan to make videos you should think about it. Hearing impression is part of your brand identity. Your website can also benefit from a sound identity. In this case, do not impose it. Consider highlighting a stop button. Questions to ask yourself: Are the essential elements of your visual identity defined? Does the symbolism of the elements of your brand’s visual identity convey its values and message? Does your visual identity represent you and differentiate you from your competitors? Finally, do not neglect the integration of this new profile. Be realistic about the time it takes to integrate a new person into your team, and set up a real onboarding time.

Loyal Customers We Will Particularly About Lead Generation

A website designed to optimize the user experience Your website is the digital headquarters of your company and it is your storefront accessible 24 hours a day. It must be pleasant and efficient. 78% of shoppers get information online before going to the store. In this process, the website becomes their first contact with your brand. If the visitor is not happy with their visit, they simply won’t buy your brand (neither online nor in-store). So, think first and foremost about the user experience. Your site should not be slow (25% of users leave a site after 4 seconds of waiting). The visitor must walk there intuitively but according to the path you have chosen: he follows your conversion tunnel.

Likewise, the content of your site is a delicate matter. The filling (blah, as we say more colloquially) is useless. Your visitors are there for a reason and it surely isn’t to get bored reading your pages. So meet their expectations. How? ‘Or’ What ? By anticipating their needs. How? ‘Or’ What ? To find out, read, or reread our advice in our article ” How to write web content that requires you to read to the end “. Your content must be refined in content and form because you certainly write for your visitors, but you also. Write for search engines. More and more their algorithms favor web pages with unique and quality content.

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