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For example, is the loading time of some pages Paraguay Phone Number very long or are there many 404 links? Obviously you are not going to manually check every link on the website whether this gives a or server error . I share seven useful SEO tools below. Google Search Console Let’s start at the beginning, which is Google Search Console . Aside Paraguay Phone Number from the fact that the data comes from Google, Google Search Console provides information about keyword and URL performance, indexing issues, mobile usability, crawl data, and Paraguay Phone Number sitemap status, among other things.

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Google Search Console example. Google Chrome’s Paraguay Phone Number Lighthouse To stay with Google for a while, Lighthouse from Google Chrome is indispensable during a technical SEO analysis. This is Google’s open source site sped Paraguay Phone Number utility. Lighthouse provides audits of performance, accessibility, web apps, SEO, and more. This tool makes it possible to perform an on-page audit directly without external parties or software . Google Chrome Lighthouse. Screaming Frog The Screaming Frog tool allows you to crawl a website, similar to Paraguay Phone Number how a Google spider would crawl a website.

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Let the tool crawl the website and then it shows various Paraguay Phone Number metrics such as 404 links, metadata, headers, alt texts, canonicals and pagespee insights. You can connect the tool to various APIs such as Analytics, Ahrefs and Search Console. The free version allows you to crawl up to 500 URLs. Should this be a limitation for you, the Paraguay Phone Number paid version costs just £149 per year. Seo Site Checkup With SEO Site Checkup you can do a quick site audit without registering or signing up. The tool will report any issues found on the website, such as issues with images or render blocking . The tool provides tips for Paraguay Phone Number optimizations for sped, content and technique.

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