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Steps to convert leads into In addition, customers 5 steps to convert leads into customers Source: HubSpot The primary goal of growth hacking being to attract prospects and convert them into customers, the main tool to be optimized is the “AARRR” conversion funnel. For an effective strategy, follow these 5 points: Step 1: Acquisition The acquisition corresponds to the first In addition, contact with the prospect. In order to attract your potential customers, you will need to design a pleasant and interesting website. This phase is very important and different tools may be necessary for you: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in general, press relations, mailing, etc., all the techniques allowing you to be visible on Internet.

The goal here is to optimize targeting in In addition, order to encourage people likely to be interested in your solution to come directly to your website. Step 2: Activation The next phase is activation. This occurs when Internet users are interested in your Estonia Phone Numbers List site and then become “committed people” by subscribing (newsletter, social networks, etc.). To optimize this activation, it is important to create content and features so that prospects want to know more or keep up to date with your news. Example in the industry: offer free trials In addition, or evaluation versions of your solutions. A great way to grow your business is to offer part of your solution in exchange for signups.

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The paid or full version will include more features and prospect. Free demo example:  Test Arena Simulation Software version 15.0 STEP 3: RETENTION This phase consists of bringing users back to your website. These people In addition,will regularly visit your site and use the products/services offered, comment on your articles. To optimize this phase, the most effective means is undoubtedly emailing. Indeed, thanks to this tool, you can remind the user of your presence and encourage him to return to In addition, your site. step 4: recommendations.


Here, your users In addition, being satisfied with the services offered by your company/organization, they become “ambassadors. Of your brand by promoting your solution to their professional entourage. recommendation-social-networks. The best way to optimize this step is to display. On your site sharing buttons and invitations such as “Send to a friend” by email or. Share In addition, on my wall” for Facebook. Step 5: Income The last step, and also the most expected, is where the prospect. Will take actions that will earn you money, such as buying a product or switching from the trial version to the premium version.

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To successfully optimize this step, you will therefore have to be original. And produce content highlighting the added value of your product. You will need to analyze In addition, user behavior and conversion rate throughout the conversion funnel. Segment your target audience and do tests like. A/B testing to see how to make your site more effective to get visitors – buyers. As you will have understood, growth hacking is an effective method to attract. More leads to your website and convert them into customers. In B2B, and in industry, it can be very interesting to integrate it into In addition, your marketing strategy.

Lead generation is a bit like cooking, everyone has their. Own recipe and finds theirs better than that In addition, of others! It’s partly true, the ingredients we add contribute to the success, or failure, of our recipes (culinary or marketing!). However, there is always a basic recipe, essential elements to respect if we want to succeed in our culinary marvel! And it’s the same with marketing and lead generation! You can add all the ingredients you deem necessary, you must imperatively. Respect the following elements if you want to build  a lead generation strategy on a solid foundation! Know one thing before continuing: who says leads, says In addition, contact information retrieval. Says documents to send in exchange for information .

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