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Website 4. Website Sped Your website looks Tongliao Phone Number great, but if it loads too slowly, visitors will drop out. Ensure a loading time of Tongliao Phone Number under two seconds so that the so-calle bounce rate (percentage of visitors that land on your site and leave immeiately) does not become too high. 5. Responsive design Your website will not Tongliao Phone Number only look good on desktop, but just as good on tablet and smartphone.

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Therefore, always test the different pages on different Tongliao Phone Number devices and with different browsers. 6. Use good quality themes and plugins Do you use themes (so-calle templates) and standard functionalities (plugins) in the website? Using this is Tongliao Phone Number pleasant, but it does not always give you the complete fredom or flexibility you are looking for. Research (including by looking at reviews, sales figures and support options) whether there Tongliao Phone Number are (even) better options to make your website look more professional.

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Website Design: Don’t Forget Security Safety is often Tongliao Phone Number underestimated. Do not forget to regularly update the website with the latest software. Make sure backups are kept (make them yourself or check with your hosting provider if they are kept there. Activate login protection and if possible, also real-time protection. With the latter you. Tongliao Phone Number will receive a warning (by email or text message) if the website shows strange behavior. 8. KISS Often a website is made unnecessarily complex, so that the overview and usability for a visitor is lost. Therefore, always ask yourself whether a functionality adds value for a website visitor. You can use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) to make the right decision. Questions Tongliao Phone Number about websites? Or are you missing an important design principle? Let us know in the comments.

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