Create Rewards Based On Culture

Screen your guests for spam Since Airbnb’s referral program is credit-based, you can easily attract visitors who will only spam your system. The company knows this and has an anti-spam system to ensure that all guests are real people. It’s great to have this system so that only deserving guests are rewarded. Create rewards based on culture Airbnb is an application that has spread throughout the world. But the expansion process has its price. It does not only refer to the necessary infrastructure.

It would be helpful if you also considered cultural nuances by country. Because of this, Airbnb has to change the price of its rewards based on the land. Take a closer look at user behavior and Bolivia WhatsApp Number List the right reward amount to encourage people to take action. Use user data Living in the age of technology means that you can access user data at any time. With some analytics software, you’ll see which pages your website visitors are clicking on and spy on what they’re doing per page. You can then use this data to predict user behavior. Airbnb did this.

Consider Influencer Marketing

It collects data about your users so that they can promote your referral program at the right time. Consider influencer marketing Another form of marketing that helped Airbnb tremendously is their influencer marketing campaign. As they expand to different countries, they look for influencers with millions of followers who can promote their show. Each promotion resulted in a wave of new users for the app. Add a great call to action Airbnb already tried to have a massive banner on the home page. That didn’t work because most website visitors don’t frequent the home page.


So Airbnb created a prominent call to action instead. In the top navigation, you have an invitation to get more money. The link is easily recognizable, so you’ll see it when you sign up or when you’re looking for listings. Consider page speed You’ll also want to test your page speed. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea of ​​having a complicated referral program that forgets that people may leave if your website loads for too long. So always check your page speed. It can help you invite more people to your show. Don’t be afraid to try again Did you know that Airbnb didn’t have a successful one-shot referral program?

Add A Great Call To Action

You have named your referral programs with the numbers 1.0 and 2.0 for a reason. It’s all because the company focused on creating the perfect referral program for its users. Is Airbnb an overnight success? That is far from it. While his referral program worked wonders for his business, it didn’t work right away. They also started out by having a typical referral program until they changed their minds and created their own. Referral programs are only as good as your understanding of your customers. Airbnb continues to collect user data in order to refine its referral system.

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