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Screaming Frog SEO Spider Unlike the Varvy tool, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider cannot be used from the browser, but you need to download and install the Luxembourg Phone Number software before you can get started. This tool also helps you to improve the on-page optimization of your website. The free version lets you scan 500 URLs for free. At least three-quarters of all searches are done from mobile devices. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test At least three-quarters of all searches are done from mobile devices.

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Make sure your website is compatible with all of Luxembourg Phone Number these devices, not just iOS or Android. Google helps online marketers with the Mobile-Friendly Test. Not only does this tool help you gain insight into the visibility of your website on mobile devices, it also gives tips on how to improve the user experience. PageSpeed ​​Insights Another handy tool from Google that makes things a lot easier for us is PageSpeed ​​Insights . This will give you a score for the speed of your website.

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Google wouldn’t be Google if they didn’t include Luxembourg Phone Number a list of areas for improvement. Use that to easily improve the SEO score of your website! SEO Site Checkup (one free check per day) Most tools (rightly) spit out a whole lot of information during a search. Use SEO SiteCheckup if you want to find and fix specific problems. Keyword Research Before you can type the first letter of a landing page, you need to research relevant keywords. Search engine optimization in 2019 no longer consists of using just one keyword per page.


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