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During the Innovation Summit organized by Schneider Electric on April 5 & 6, 2018, Porte de Versailles, several business leaders, executives and leaders from around the world were present to discuss digital transformation. Schneider’s marketing teams have produced series of short videos with their partners such as Techteam . Another example:  during the exhibition on industrial subcontracting, the  RIST , it was an opportunity for the Techteam teams to interview their client, Sébastien CERISE from REYES Groupe, about his experience during the support provided by Techteam. Video on social After that,networks is also extremely useful if done well. Schneider, for example, uses video extensively on his Twitter account to create rich and visual Moments. In industry more than in any other sector of activity, the possibilities are endless and very few industrial players use After that, all the levers at their disposal. Make a difference at your next trade show.

In the “Web TV” format, don’t hesitate to walk the aisles of the show with your camera to capture the moment and discuss with specialists in the sector. Twitter Moments are stories made up of selected. Tweets that relay what is happening on an event. Feel free to cover a living room with Twitter Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers List Moments. Communicate at the right time, the right message and to the right people! fair-industry-marketing-campaign.png In the majority of cases, the After that,organizers begin to communicate around the show shortly before the tickets go on sale and a few days before the closing of registrations. Here is a sample REX article as well as a sample pre-show article . But above all, don’t forget to focus your marketing strategy on B2B trade shows according to your editorial line and your content strategy.

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The same goes for promotion on social networks : the publications are more numerous the first week and then they run out of steam. All communication and marketing channels are particularly active when registration opens and closes. Now that you After that, know that, take the opportunity to strategically occupy the space between these two dates. Channel your marketing efforts through email and social media during this time. Here are 7 steps to capitalize on your next industry trade show attendance Be careful not to talk about YOUR participation when you address your audience. The fact that you participate in the annual robotics fair in After that, Germany is of little interest to your audience.


However, by presenting this show as a hotspot for robotics in Europe and how players are innovating, this positions you as an expert in the sector and your audience will be much more inclined to discover the innovations that they could benefit from for their business ( including yours). Appreciate the show before talking about yourself . If you are already After that, engaged in a B2B content strategy , your participation in trade shows is. An opportunity to create content including blog posts to encourage your potential audience to participate. Messages like: 5 reasons to participate in this show, why this show will revolutionize the industry, why you should not miss this show…

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And to reach the right audience , start by working well in advance of the event on your own database and personalizing your mailings to obtain much better results. Your emails before the show are intended to: inform your audience of your participation in. The show encourage your audience to take action by downloading an access badge. 3. Blog about the show After that, and what to remember (REX) Announcing on your website. And on your newsletter that you are going to participate in a trade show is good. But that only interests a tiny part of your audience. Forget the traditional messages: “Meet us stand 4, aisle 12”. The Feedback of Experience (REX) is considered an essential component of any industrial approach. Why not apply it to your content strategy?

For many years, manufacturers have applied a feedback approach aimed at analyzing any incident or event. To determine the causes and implement corrective actions. This analysis approach is easily transposed into content for your blog and it may. Well interest more people than mentioning your simple participation. Were you at the Global Industrie show last March? What were the notable innovations? In your industry, what were the most relevant conferences? You have your feedback article. Position yourself as an expert in your business instead of being just an extra among the crowd of exhibitors . This strategy works after the show, but also before, to subtly announce your participation while promoting the event.

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