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And if you do have your nose in Google Analytics: how much Iceland Phone Number value do you attach to the bounce rate? Gerard Rathenau writes that it is better to measure the quality of website visitors. He explains how to do that in his article. google analytics header Google Data Studio Another good resolution: visualizing data. Within Iceland Phone Number a few clicks, you have a dashboard available in Google Data Studio. But what’s in this dashboard? Are your KPI results and key objectives in Iceland Phone Number your dashboard, including insights?

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Gerard Rathenau offers examples and an Iceland Phone Number handy template to get you started in his article about Google Data Studio. And also read his piece on how to create a strategic dashboard for your director. SEO: is Google your competitor? The basic principles of SEO do not change, but there are still trends and changes in this area. Mark van Tuel gives you a preview for this year , with trends such as EAT Iceland Phone Number and the rise of other search engines. And Cris van Wolffelaar and Bartjan Sonneveld offer you an insight into the ‘hidden’ changes .

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And then for another important turning point: for the Iceland Phone Number first time in history, Google is sending less traffic to websites. Google answers more and more questions in the search engine itself. It evolves from search engine to answer machine. Good for the user (because user-friendly), less pleasant for website owners. Imagery Friso sounded the alarm bells because Google is increasingly Iceland Phone Number acting like a publisher (and also read the interesting comments below the piece). Peijke Jansdaal discusses how to survive this cold front. Build a strong brand and take control of yourself, for example by growing your email lists.


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