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In most cases, you can broadcast videos, share your screen, launch polls and exchange them with your participants via chat. Your presentation can be accompanied by a PDF or a PowerPoint. Once your webinar is over, it is possible to access the recording by downloading it to your computer to allow registrants to access it in “replay”. As part of the organization of our own webinars, we use the  Twenty Three platform which offers integration with our HubSpot marketing software. This platform has the advantage of providing everything you need to organize and promote your webinar in a few clicks. The principle of your webinar is above all to generate leads.

To do this, prospects will have to register for the webinar using a landing page including a form to fill out. Thanks to this form, the prospects will leave you valuable Slovenia Phone Number List information such as their email, their telephone number, the company in which they work,… So much information that you can use when you call them back. Even if you have the best internet connection on the street, or the best organization, or the best team, or the best products to show, … there is always something that will not go as planned. So take the time to internally test the webinar from A to Z in order to anticipate problems and solve them before the big day. Depending on the video platform you have chosen, you can record and broadcast live.

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But if the platform does not allow it, do not forget to record your video presentation. Indeed, it can be viewed later by people who could not be present on D-Day. In addition, it will be necessary to update the registration page and the form in order to allow latecomers to register and watch this webinar in replay (and to recover their contact details). Last step, but just as important as the previous ones: don’t forget to send an email to all the people who have registered to watch the webinar in replay, even those who were not able to attend in the end.


Remember to measure your marketing campaign as part of a comprehensive report to find out any areas for improvement. To help you create your own webinar, I advise you to download the toolkit below, in partnership with TwentyThree. Commercial in the industry, organize your time to be effective in your telephone prospecting. Here are two tips for making your calls more efficient with HubSpot. In industry, traditional methods of prospecting and traditional business strategies are running out of steam. Few SMEs manage to fill their pipeline with a steady stream of qualified opportunities.

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The direct consequence is a lack of predictability on the business with an impact on the organization and the development.  The goal of this one-hour webinar is to share with you proven tactics to start generating qualified leads and grow as a sales rep in the industry ! SHARE THIS Caroline joined us several weeks ago as a Business Developer. Since his arrival, we have set up training for his integration. This method actually comes from HubSpot, whose business coaching methods were put together by Dan Tire and David Weinhaus . The 3 points of success for the integration of your salespeople, according to Caroline, are the following.

As soon as Caroline arrived at the agency, we set up weekly times dedicated to her coaching. Setting appointments allows you to take your time. . You have to set a steady pace to make the training effective. Indeed, by exchanging between 1 to 2 hours per week, we can take stock of the past week and the program to come. Point by point, we have dealt with. The different elements but without ever trying to achieve everything at the same time. This method makes it possible to ensure that you have mastered each step before moving on to the next, instead of wanting to learn everything at once, forgetting half.

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