Choose A Video Above The Fold

A blog can often also attract a lot of traffic that Cameroon Phone Number is interested in the topic of the blog, but not in the service or product. Does the company have an event or a special campaign? Is there a certain trend or is there something in the news that makes people come to you on the site? Also, be aware of each channel’s strategy. Do you use a channel to realize Cameroon Phone Number transactions? Or do you focus more on users who are still orientation?

Rising Conversion Rate

If you know this, you also know Cameroon Phone Number on which metrics you can settle a channel. Behaviour Here you rate the pages on your website based on visits and activity. Bbut also on the type of page (for example, whether it is a landing page, a blog or last page in the flow). So Cameroon Phone Number again, think about the context here and judge the numbers based on the context of the page. Compare your better landing pages based on conversion rate. Landing Page BehaviorExample: landing pages.

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Split Tests

The landing pages report helps Cameroon Phone Number you assess which landing pages are a good starting point for your visitors. Are there any pages that give a higher pages-per-session average? What is the bounce rate per page? And are conversions registered on that page? In the example above you can see that one of the pages mainly provides conversions and that Cameroon Phone Number the bounce rate is quite high for this type of website. This is because the service website has a blog.

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