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Respectively. In this case. It is the palladium group that accumulates the most interactions. Exceeding 4 million. Hotel group the bird’s social network. Twitter . Shows more adjusted data. Thus we find that the first positions. In terms of number of followers. Are led by palladium with more than 260.000. Barceló with just over 158.000. And the riu group . Whose profiles add up to 47.000 fans. It is true that twitter is currently a social network that has lost followers in favor of others such as instagram. But it is often used as a channel for customer service. Also in the case of the tourism sector. In terms of interactions. It is worth highlighting paradores Hong kong phone number.

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This year it sneaks into the  ranking leading the Hong kong phone number with 45.588. Palladium and melia follow with more than 25.000 and 23.000 interactions. Respectively. The publications that succeed in social networks in the hotel sector the social network of photos offers the perfect opportunity for hotel groups to strengthen ties and gamify their community Hong kong phone number. If you belong to the hotel sector . Don’t hesitate to follow the example of the leading hotel chains to succeed with your social media strategy. Hotel group on this occasion. The ranking of chains with the most Hong kong phone number of 2018 is headed by the palladium group. Specifically.

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The ushuaia ibiza brand accumulated more Hong kong phone number in a single publication . Hotel groups it should be noted that the third publication with the most likes is a draw launched by riu hotels. The promotion consisted of a simple mechanism in which by following riuhotels Hong kong phone number. Mentioning it in the publication and making a regram. You could win 5 nights at the riu palace punta cana. Hotel groups a curious data! The publications that registered the most comments on instagram refer to giveaways. The launch of campaigns. More or less simple. Is a perfect tool to gamify and diversify your social profiles. As well as a great tool for capturing leads. As for facebook . The publications with Hong kong phone number of likes correspond to the.

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