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This does not necessarily mean that your strategy is bad, it may lie in the very nature of your product. So before thinking about a tool to fight cart abandonment, it is important to understand your buyers . Evelyne Rouquet stresses that it is “important to listen to the customer” and although UAE Mobile Number Database it seems obvious, internal processes often underestimate this part. Evelyne Rouquet recommends starting from customer needs in order to create useful content . By knowing your customers, you can rely on the right levers (example: the recognition of designers at Perles&Co). The content is difficult to produce so don’t exhaust yourself unnecessarily. In conclusion, salespeople are important in your development strategy because. They know the field and can bring you a lot of feedback from customers and prospects . We must not neglect their participation in an e-commerce project, which before being a project led by the. M arketing department, remains commerce.

Some platforms offer this kind of options and therefore this must be taken into account when choosing the solution. If there is no traffic on the site, it does not generate results and the ambitious objectives are not achieved. There is sometimes a lack of knowledge of the number of customers among manufacturers. But that requires measuring, setting up a benchmark on other e-commerce platforms, having data to draw conclusions from, etc. However, more than 40% of Perles&Co customers waited several days to validate their baskets, due to the complexity of the order. This mechanism can easily be transposed to BtoC, because it requires a more. Or less important reflection upstream and therefore, cart abandonment must be understood in terms of the purchase journey.

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The risk is to think of the e-commerce channel apart from the traditional network and that the latter risks coming to compete with the traditional network. This can be an opportunity to develop a new relationship with its distribution network. “I think it mainly involves negotiation, it shouldn’t happen on the sly. Otherwise, that says a lot about the nature of the relationship.” The classic mistake is also to want to become pure-player overnight. It is dangerous to want to cut the branch on which you are sitting. By focusing on the platform, industrial SMEs sometimes forget about promoting their e-commerce solution. You have to try to create an editorial strategy, how to capture prospects with the right message at the right time, but that also works upstream, with the technical aspect.


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And although this concerns BtoC, the porosity of behaviors and uses with industry is undeniable today. Listening to your customers, your market because these are the best. Indicators to know if it’s time to start b2b e-commerce. Trust the service provider in charge of developing the technical part. Quite not to approach the technical aspect at first sight. In fact, this should be one of the last points to address in your e-commerce project. “If we don’t involve the sales department in the reflection, it’s not even worth going there. E-commerce is not marketing, it is really commerce, therefore a commercial channel.

It is a global project based on a Customer Success Management approach in the industry and. The implementation of such a project can allow you to considerably increase your turnover. E-commerce in the industry is changing and we can expect to see many players emerge in the coming years. In this new episode of our Industrial Growth podcast. I welcome Evelyne Rouquet, e-commerce specialist who has been working on these issues for 15 years. Evelyne worked at Perles&Co, an online store selling beads and other creative accessories. She was in charge of developing export sales. She went through the different phases of the launch of the e-commerce platform.

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