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You follow a definite editorial line but you are looking to add “the extra thing” that will give your timelines a real personality. It’s time to customize your social networks! To help you impose your style on social media, we’ve compiled 5 free, easy-to-use resources and tools that will allow you to Russia Phone Number List breathe creativity (and professionalism) into your content. Customize your images with Canva This application allows you to personalize your images. Very oriented towards social networks, it allows you to select a predefined format corresponding to the publications of Facebook or Twitter. You can always combine it with a more traditional schedule to optimize your organization. Let us know your feedback.Even more, you can create images for your flyers, your ebook covers, your business cards… with customizable formats.

Canva has a selection of free images, but you are welcome to import your own illustrations. Canva, an easy way to add a personal touch to your posts. AN EASY WAY TO ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH TO YOUR POSTS. We also recommend that you take care in the choice of your images. To do this, consult quality image banks. If you are looking for the best, they are listed in our article 21 Free and Royalty Free Image Banks . Add a touch of fun with gifs Giphy is a directory of free gif accessible by categories or by keyword research (prefer the use of English for your research).

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Each occasion has its own gif! Like images, gifs generally benefit from better visibility on social networks (reach). They also have above average engagement rates and bring a touch of life to usually static content. A good way to boost your timelines. You also have the option to create your own gifs from your own images or videos. You will then obtain a URL which will be used for sharing your production. Write long novels on Twitter Is the 140 character limit hampering your creativity? Go around it with Talltweets . This app allows you to write tweets without worrying about the length limit. She then takes care of recutting them and broadcasting them simultaneously so that they appear in succession on the timelines of your followers.



Enough to give free rein to your literary desires. Be pro, shorten your URLs When you share on your networks, consider using a shortened URL. On the one hand, this gives a more polished dimension and on the other hand, you will be able to follow the engagement caused by this content (you will know the click rate). For this, we offer 2 formulas: The basic: with Google URL shortener The deluxe: with Bitly which will also provide you with statistics. Here is how to personalize your social networks and thus take care of your brand image. Let us know about your creations in the comments!

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Spark video, to bring your images to life By choosing this function, you have access to a whole range of video types: presentation, promotion, tutorial, invitation… You can add a voiceover, transition images, music. You are the director. This very complete functionality is to be used without shyness because it is so practical! And this all the more so since video is a very popular content that very easily captures the attention of users. spark video Spark page, to mark a special occasion This last component allows you to create a unique web page very easily.

Do not hesitate to communicate openly on the values of your brand, by posting them on the website for example. This personality is expressed in your external communications but is also found and cultivated internally. The entrepreneurial spirit is built. Each employee must be fully aware of your brand’s values. The more your brand grows, the more this internal cohesion will radiate outside. Brand-image-of-Michel-et-Augustin AT MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN, WE CLEARLY DISPLAY THE VALUES FOLLOWED INTERNALLY: A FAMILY AND RELAXED SPIRIT. The Michel et Augustin brand has implemented this strategy since its creation: it cultivates a family business spirit with great cohesion.

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