But Do You Know Exactly What It Is By Marketing

Discover with this guide on Nile’s Success Stories, how to carry out case studies and the results obtained with inbound on industrial customers. Today’s marketing teams can no longer hide behind approximations when asked to measure the results of their efforts. Simply saying that we are seeing an increase is no longer enough to defend your marketing strategy in the industry. To be credible, any good marketer must be able to provide clear and concrete figures, particularly in terms of return on investment. Start by defining clear and precise objectives But for that, you still need to have defined smart objectives beforehand (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound).

In other words, defining that this year your B2B marketing efforts must increase the number of leads is not a smart goal. On the other hand, indicating that the Guatemala Phone Numbers List number of leads generated over the next 12 months must increase by 10% is a clear and precise objective. It is essential to have a good vision of what you want to achieve before trying to measure anything. Which tools to follow your B2B marketing results? The tools available to sales teams are numerous and varied. Some are free, some are not. Today it is possible to measure just about anything and everything. It is therefore important to start by determining the.

Automation In The Industry Well There Too It Is

KPIs, the key indicators, essential to follow to achieve your objectives when developing a marketing strategy in the industry . Without this, you very quickly risk drowning in the mass of data. To help you see more clearly, here are some of the essential B2B marketing tools: Googleanalytics: this free tool makes it possible to measure the performance of its website in an exhaustive manner (origins of visitors, distribution by language, by country, traffic monitoring, etc.). Hubspot : this is a very complete tool that allows you to monitor both the performance of your site and also to collect valuable information on conversions: from their arrival on your site to their conversion into a customer.


Hubspot follows the entire path of the lead. Databox: a very effective tool when it comes to summarizing indicators and presenting them! Data recovery is automated and saves you valuable time. Do not hesitate to read the post written by my colleague Laure to take stock of the essential tools for marketers. The key to the success of your marketing strategy in the industry: understand and adjust Have you been able to measure the results of your efforts? Congratulation. Unfortunately your work does not stop there. It is not enough to know that such action was a success, or a failure but we do not wish it for you.

Not Only Does It Save You Time But Above All

Measuring the results of your B2B marketing to congratulate or feel sorry for yourself is useless. On the contrary. This requires a reaction behind. Was your strategy a success? Great! But do you know why? Understanding where the problem or the key element of success is is essential in order to be able to learn and improve. Faced with failure or mixed success, find out when you faltered. What factors may have influenced the results? This will allow you to anticipate and not reproduce the same errors. Faced with success, it is just as important to question oneself in order to be able to duplicate good practices. Measuring your results is therefore essential but must also be accompanied by an analysis.

Do not hesitate to adjust your B2B marketing strategy if you find that the results are not those expected. Reassess your goals, test new ideas… A marketing strategy in the industry is not set in stone. Evolve it! The key to successful marketing is seeing the results of your actions. To help you analyze the performance of your marketing we have built this Inbound Marketing Dashboard . Download it for free! Think of the Internet as a library, here is the watchword that should be retained from the SEO event, Thursday June 21 in Lyon . This new meet-up organized by the HubSpot user Groups in Lyon was led by Bertrand Sempéré from HubSpot and Karim Bouras, founder of the Nile agency.

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