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Specify the average response time to let your visitors know how long it takes. Rotation of interlocutors according to their availability:  this feature is certainly the most awaited. It allows each salesperson to adjust their availability and to automatically be assigned conversations. Alerts directly in Slack: one last new feature, and not least, you can now receive alerts in the event of messages directly from Slack and respond in the application. This allows a quick response if you are on your phone, for example, thanks to the mobile application. These updates are live now for all HubSpot Sales Starter and HubSpot Sales Professional users.  A ticket is a request for help or support made by a customer, and the tool lists the responses generated in a generic inbox.

These requests can be managed by source, by status (new, pending, closed) and assigned to members of your teams. This allows you to follow up on customer requests, as is Jamaica Phone Number List already the case for the internal tasks of your teams (Tasks section). HubSpot works on  a knowledge base, to help you create help articles quickly and structure them based on templates that will then be automatically indexed in Google and a reporting dashboard. To further their customer satisfaction efforts, HubSpot offers a tool for creating satisfaction surveys to find out your NPS score. You can personalize your questions with different scores: from 0 to 6 they are detractors, from 7 to 8 passive or neutral customers.

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From 9 to 10 they are promoters of your business, congratulations! With this integration, sales reps can track sales activity, without being on the HubSpot platform. Each notification can be received directly where the seller is located,  in this case  on Facebook. With a link in the notification, the rep can respond directly in HubSpot and make a decision if needed. This avoids missed opportunities and closes sales faster. This meetings module allows visitors to quickly and easily book meetings with your sales team directly from your website. At Nile, we already use this feature on our Contact page . This Meeting tool makes it quick and easy for your sales team to connect with prospects, avoiding the back and forth that usually ensues when trying to book a meeting with someone.


But the success of your sales team is closely tied to your marketing team’s ability to generate qualified leads for them.  The meetings module aligns the CMS with your business tools by facilitating the collaboration of your smarketing teams to develop your business. Since April 2018,  Google has penalized personalized search engines on websites. The alternative is then to use the Google module itself, but the latter includes advertisements and sometimes diverts your visitors to other ancillary sites. This is obviously not an ideal solution if you want to keep control over your conversion funnel.

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The new search module developed by. HubSpot makes it easy to quickly add a search box to any page on your website and index. AQll of your HubSpot hosted content so your visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. Industry sales reps know that effective industry prospecting involves sending personalized and contextualized emails. However, due to lack of time, salespeople sometimes find themselves sending rather generic emails. With the combination of sequence queues and recommendations, B2B sales reps can easily tailor their message.

Similar to task queues, sequence queues allow salespeople to prepare, customize, and schedule multiple contacts to enroll in a sequence. Quotes is a brand new feature in HubSpot Sales Pro. It allows you to create commercial proposals quickly, in a few clicks. This novelty is important because it considerably reduces the time spent. Writing an effective commercial proposal in the industry and above all, avoids errors and other annoying copy-paste errors… Give your quote a name, an expiration date, add comments if needed and adjust it to your image.

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