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Measuring KPIs and related statistics Guatemala Phone Number provides insight. Into the success of a platform helps to identify optimization opportunities and provides insight into which user stories have the highest priority. But why does the measurement implementation of sites and apps often receive too little attention? We share an efficient approach to Guatemala Phone Number implementing web analytics. Analytics stories regularly disappear at the bottom of the backlog, including a complete measurement implementation plan.

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This almost always has a negative Guatemala Phone Number impact on data quality and maturity. How is the measurement with data attributes and/or JavaScript and/or with a tag management system implemented? Preparation story Start a complex measurement with a preparation story, so that the implementation task or story raises few questions and can be well specified and estimated at a refinement . During the preparation story you investigate how you want to implement a certain measurement and which disciplines are requirefor this.

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Measurement tasks Describe in the Guatemala Phone Number measurement tasks what must be measure and when the measurement must take place. You often decide how the measurement takes place in consultation with front-end and back-end developers. What Which values ​​should be available at a specific time? When At what specific time should the data be Guatemala Phone Number available? For example, if an element is display. With a click or when a form has been sent successfully.


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