Best Shopify Apps For Conversions In 2021

As technology continues to advance, more and more companies are upping their game and adopting the latest technologies in their marketing strategies. The most positive change that companies have adopted is to sell things online. Nowadays, you can hardly find a successful business that does not have an online store set up. So, if you haven’t registered your business online yet, it’s about time you did. Shopify is one of the most convenient and effective platforms that you can use to sell your products online. You can start selling online with Shopify, even if you’re just getting into business.

However, there are hundreds of Shopify apps that aim to help you market and grow your business. So how can you tell which of these apps is most effective in helping you increase your sales? This article Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List at seven of the best Shopify apps that can help you boost your sales tremendously: 1.) Oberlo Shopify App The Oberlo Shopify app aims to help business owners find a supplier. Therefore, it is ideal for those who require a product or service to sell. Also, people who are looking for a business idea are recommended to use this app.

Custom Product Questionnaires

The Oberlo Shopify app allows users to search for marketplaces that are available for direct import to the store. It also ships products and services to your customers when you receive an order online. So with Oberlo, you don’t need to worry about packaging or shipping your products to customers; Oberlo does all of that for you! 2.) Jebbit: Custom Product Questionnaires The Jebbit Shopify app allows users to create exciting quizzes that customers will want to participate in. These quizzes are not just random questions, but quizzes that can help customers find the most suitable products in your store.


Thus, through the purchasable quizzes, the Jebbit app helps to increase your sales and conversions. The app also features a visual builder, allowing store owners to map out and build their experiences. With this app, you can easily get to know customers and provide personalized and targeted recommendations which, in turn, will lead to more sales for your store. 3.) Free Shopify Compensation App The Offset Shopify app is recommended for those looking to neutralize their shipping emissions, especially those that impact the climate.

Free Shopify Compensation App

This app calculates your offset cost, the total number of emissions produced by your shipped orders. The clearing costs generated are generally low, costing only a few cents per order. In addition, the small payment you make is sent to forest protection initiatives. So by using the compensation panel you will see what impact you have on the environment and how many trees and vegetation you have protected. What’s even better, the app allows you to share these findings with your customers. 4.) Advocate Advoz app focuses on helping store owners to be successful in their social media advertising.

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