Benefits Of The Optimized Digital Experience

The classic mix is complemented by a. New larger, flexible and customizable dimension: Experience. Increase the retention rate The 4P marketing mix, contemporary UK Phone Number Database List with transactional marketing, succeeds in selling but no longer stimulates sustainable engagement. Only the emotional dimension of the digital experience stimulates attachment and increases retention rates. An argument to be taken into account because, as we know, loyalty is a universal marketing objective. Out of 10 companies set up a loyalty program in order to retain their existing customers). And that retaining a customer costs 3 to 6 times cheaper than buying it.

Meet customer and user personalization expectations Ultra e-requested, the customer wants us to address him as an individual and not as an anonymous figure behind a screen. Identified personally (with his history) if he has ever had contact with the brand as a customer. Two-thirds (66%) of French consumers surveyed are more likely. To buy from companies that personalize experiences with their customers. For example based on their location, past interactions or preferences. Statistics-figures-customer-experience. The paradox of users vis-à-vis the digital experience.

With A Differentiating Component

For users, issues of security and confidentiality of their data collected by companies are becoming increasingly important. Spontaneously, 74% of European consumers have a negative a priori on In conclusion. After that, the collection of data since they believe that brands. Ask them to provide their data in their After that, own interest and not to improve. Moreover, the customer experience. Paradoxically, in the same proportion, 75% of European consumers appreciate being able to create and manage a profile that brands could use to better organize experiences and make recommendations. This paradox forces the company to think about its digital experience in two stages. First: Gradually build up a relationship of trust with the customer.


Listening to them and remaining transparent and honest about the use of personal data. Second: use efficiently, and in with what has been said, the data collected. To re-enchant the customer experience offered. 5. The website, historic seat of the digital experience For the user, the digital experience. Is lived and built with each online contact with the brand. In fact, there is not a single experience or a single journey but a multitude of different. Digital journeys and therefore of possibilities of experiences which call on different technologies. And which concern different personas (which do not necessarily have the same objective)

The Benefit Of An Optimized Digital

For instance, Only one step of. The experience is the same of the route followed: the website. In this sense, even if there are several strongholds that guarantee the digital experience, the headquarters remain the website. For instance, It is the point of contact that should allow the most complete experience. Summarized in 6 rules, here are the essential qualities of a website. The site must be easy to find which requires SEO work upstream. The site must be perfectly accessible and supported by different technologies. The design must inspire desire and inspire confidence. You must be consistent in the choice of graphics and think about ergonomics.

For instance, yte site must be sufficiently intuitive to facilitate the navigation of the Internet user . The site must be credible and consistent with the brand’s image to reassure and convince. The site must be efficient, the user must easily find the answers to his questions. For this result, it is necessary to adopt an approach that takes. Into account the expectations and needs of the Internet user and design standards. Therefore, When innovation reinvents. The digital customer experience Consumers are more and more demanding. the fact remains that each user. Increasingly wants to feel a close connection with the brand.

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