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Difference between these two terms ? The person in charge is the natural or legal person who processes the data on behalf of the person in charge . And can only do so in accordance with the instructions of the person in charge. The person in charge is the legal entity that makes the decisions about the treatment of these data . If they are to be kept. Israel phone number Transferred or eliminated. The rgpd makes it very clear that the consent of the people who give you their data must “be given by means of a clear affirmative act that reflects a free. Specific. Informed. And unequivocal manifestation of the interested party’s will to accept the processing of personal data. That concern him.” in other words.

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When you launch a  campaign on social networks in which you are going to collect data from the participants. You must make it clear to them which company is Israel phone number collecting that data and the specific purpose for which it is going to be used. As well as ask for their consent. Israel phone number Of the user to process their data. You also have to specifically indicate how the participant in your promotion may exercise their rights of deletion. Cancellation. Rectification. Access and portability over that data. Also. When creating and executing your campaigns on social networks in such a way that the data collection is fully adapted to the new rgpd. Also keep in mind the following tips.

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The wording of the privacy policy and the legal bases must be clear and easy to understand. Those long and complicated texts or with “small print” are no longer supported. It can never be mandatory to give consent for the transfer of data to send them to third parties. Negative consent is not legal. Therefore. The “i do not accept to receive” are discarded. Israel phone number Do not ask for data in excess . Since it can contravene the rgdp. You can only request the data you need. Next. We will tell you what tools our platform has so that your promotions fully comply with the general data protection regulation. It’s in your hand! Cool tabs tools to comply with gdpr legal text field here.

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