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Despite the fact that it has been optimized for SEO from a technical point of view. This is the recent case of one of our clients: we had developed and put her site online, making sure that it was configured and optimized for SEO, but after a few days it still did not appear in the Japan Phone Number List search engines. search, even when looking directly for the site name (which is the search query for which all sites should at least be referenced). The cause of this lack of search results? Google had not received any signal of the site’s existence and therefore had not included it in its database (this client had not asked us for a referencing service).

Fortunately there are a few easy ways to make sure Google is kept informed when your new site is live. These actions are the first steps to good SEO and ensure a minimum presence in search engine results. This guide is for you if you don’t have the budget to invest in an SEO campaign and want to take care of the initial SEO of your site yourself. If you have had your site created by a web agency, the first 5 steps will normally have been completed. Contents Take the time to choose your theme Allow SEO by search engines Allow access to SEO robots Create a sitemap Add your site to Search Console Validate the sitemap in Search Console Create relevant social media pages.

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Create a Google My Business account Generate your first backlinks Advertise your site on social networks Make yourself known on the web Ask your connections to talk about you Conclusion Take the time to choose your theme The choice of a good theme is essential to optimize the natural referencing of your site. The chosen theme must have been developed correctly and respect the rules of SEO. The basis of SEO is a series of technical optimizations. If your theme is poorly coded and gives you few SEO configuration options, your site’s SEO will remain poor. Conversely, starting with a good technical base will allow you to boost your site’s SEO.


Certain themes are unanimous among users and developers, both for their SEO optimization possibilities and for their designs: The ultimate reference for non-technicians is Divi . Developed by Elegant Theme, it comes bundled with 800 ready-to-use templates, plenty of customization options, and an intuitive visual editor that allows people without programming skills to create and design. the pages of their site. Its code is well optimized, both in terms of SEO and page load time. Genesis is our favorite theme at Digital Swing. More precisely, it is a framework, which requires development knowledge to be used optimally, but it is the most successful topic in terms of SEO optimization.

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You can use it naked (no design), or buy one of the multiple child themes . If you follow one of these links and buy a theme, we earn a commission. The price remains the same for you, and that allows us to continue to feed this blog with quality articles. Allow SEO by search engines During the development of a WordPress site, we block access to. The site by search engines, so that the latter do not seek to index a site that is not yet operational. When going online, this blocking is deactivated in order to allow access to the site by search engines. From the WordPress administration interface, go to the Settings> Reading section Check that the Ask search engines not to index this site box is unchecked.

Enable indexing in WordPress options Then save the changes. Allow access to SEO robots. A certain file on your site can also be responsible for blocking search engines: the robots.txt file. It is used to allow or deny access to certain parts of the site by search engines. The WordPress “Yoast SEO” plugin (which is the reference for optimizing the SEO of a. WordPress site allows you to access this file and easily modify it. In the SEO section click on Tools Yoast tools Then click on File Editor. Google SEO Free Yoast File Editor Enter the following lines in the part concerning the. Free Google SEO Yoast Then click on Save changes to the file. Create a sitemap A “sitemap” file allows search. Engines to know the structure and layout of the pages of your site, and thus to browse. And reference it more effectively.

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