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The distribution of these B2B videos on their blog, their Youtube channel and their various social networks allows them to really give them visibility. Techteam youtube The recipe for a B2B video strategy in the industry These 4 examples of B2B video strategies prove that Cambodia Phone Number List the industry can also benefit from the video craze. Businesses leveraging video see their revenue grow faster. But what is the secret to a successful B2B video strategy? It’s not about posting just any video. A good B2B video is useful, it focuses not on the company but on what it can bring to its personas.

The chosen format should be relatively short, with some exceptions such as webinars. Finally, a good B2B video will feature real employees or customers and not fictitious characters! Having a website with visitors is the least of things today. However, your site should not just be a presentation brochure for your company, but your first commercial . Here, we will therefore see 6 tactics that you can apply to your website in the industry in order to increase the conversion rate and boost your marketing results.

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Download our guide to improve the conversion rate of your industrial website Tip. Attract qualified traffic Indeed it seems logical, but for visitors to leave you their email address, their number, wherever they try to contact you, you have to start by attracting these visitors. It is therefore necessary to attract qualified traffic to its B2B site , that is to say the people who interest you and especially the people for whom you can be interesting. It is essential to ask yourself “what do the people I want to reach type on Google?”.


It is of course difficult to find this information, but certain tools allow you to obtain figures which can help you: Google’s Keyword Planner SAAS solutions like Moz or SEMrush But other small free tricks can give you suggestions of queries used. Google query suggestions (found at the very bottom of a GOOGLE results page) Answer the public website Finally, show empathy and put yourself in the shoes of your targets, this can also help you detect interesting entry points for your content. Tip Improve the UX and optimize the navigation of your site.

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Once you reach out to the right people (your buyer personas ) and they. Land on your site, they need to want to stay there. Several basic rules to encourage visitors to stay on your website: Optimize page loading time. Studies show that the patience of Internet users decreases from. Year to year and that the page of a site must load in less than. A second if it wants to lose as little traffic as possible. A message and a clear and effective value proposition: which is even more true in B2B.

The people who arrive on your site need information, services, added value. If when arriving on your site the visitor does not quickly. Understand what you can bring him, he will change the site directly. Because it is not the quantity of information that is lacking on the Internet. Create a tunnel to lead your visitors to related pages and content and lead them. To conversion Tip n°3: qualitative, rich and varied content. It is essential to optimize and be rigorous in terms of your content strategy

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