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This allows the realization Therefore, of pre-tests of. New products before they are marketed. Grégory Maubon, within his pharmaceutical startup, uses AR on robotic platforms. Augmented reality makes it possible to see the tools. Why implement Colombia Phone Numbers List augmented reality as part of a project? Augmented Reality (AR) represents benefits for a wide range of industries. Safety, process improvement, risk management and productivity are all determining factors for the industry. For Grégory Maubon. AR must be systematically integrated into projects. To ensure that the customer and the company are on the same wavelength. For example. It is Therefore, an essential deliverable to ensure the compliance. Of an  industrial robotics project .

Instead, use professional social networks such as LinkedIn to develop your. Expertise and get in touch with players in your market such as employees, suppliers, influencers, customers or prospects… Download our. LinkedIn Guide for demonstrate your expertise on twitter Use your Twitter account  to post content related to your industry to prove your expertise. To complete this digital approach, you will also have to present yourself face to face through meetings with your target audience. You can also use more personal social networks such as. Facebook or Instagram in order to be closer to your subscribers. Bring them into your privacy or that of your company, let them discover your daily life. This will inspire them with sympathy towards you and your mark.

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To convince a leader of an industrial SME, he often has to try to find out. By putting on the goggles, he Therefore, realizes that to disassemble his pump. He will save 3x more time, a real return on investment. The approach between technique, use and added value for the user is essential for a successful AR project. How to start an augmented reality project for an SME? To start an AR project, if you do not have an in-house expert. Grégory Therefore, Maubon recommends calling. On a specialist to draw up specifications. You can also decide to internalize the skill. It is quite possible to upgrade. To undertake the process. The time and the budget are decisive on this kind of project.


The best way to develop it is to do it on social networks and each network has its own objective. Of augmented reality to find out about the existing innovations in his field of activity.  Thanks to Grégory Maubon for the quality of this exchange, which gradually democratizes augmented reality, which definitely represents one of the challenges of the industry of the future . Want to record a podcast on Industrial Growth too?  Make an appointment directly online. Monitors them on a regular basis, analyzes any changes and reports regularly to his client.

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Job titles, whether in marketing, communications. Ask those around you what an inbound marketing account manager is, or even just an account manager, and you may well get few answers. Yet the account manager has a key role in the clients’ inbound marketing strategy. Account manager in inbound marketing: what does it consist of? I started as an inbound marketing consultant. (If you want to know more about this position, feel free to read  my colleague’s excellent article .) Thanks to internal training, I now hold the position of account manager.

Manager at Nile, our inbound marketing agency. Revolve around 4 main areas of work: A strategic part. The inbound marketing account manager defines with the client the lines of work, the objectives and the strategy to achieve them. A client relationship part: the account manager is fully responsible for his client. It is he who is responsible for keeping him informed, validating and transmitting information and establishing schedules. The account manager carries out regular follow-up with his interlocutor. Part tracking results any inbound arketing strategy.

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