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The chatbot can answer the customer directly Spain Phone Number or refer them to the right information or employee. This saves your team a lot of time and ensures that the customer is helpe quickly. In this blog we share four ways to use a chatbot for Spain Phone Number Instagram: For sales and the sale of products For your customer service to answer questions faster For recruitment to recruit candidates in a unique way For marketing and lead generation Spain Phone Number Sales and the sale of products Instagram gives businesses the ability to sell through the app in a variety of ways.

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This way you can advertise in the feed as well as Spain Phone Number in stories and you can easily sell products in the Instagram Shop. If you use these features, you will eventually receive more and more sales-related questions. With a chatbot you are Spain Phone Number well prepard for this. Imagine: you get an Instagram DM (direct message) in response to your ad. The potential customer has seen a nice sofa and is curious if it is still available. With a chatbot you Spain Phone Number can answer this question within seconds and provide the customer with the right information.

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This conversation with the chatbot might Spain Phone Number look like this: The above conversation is just one example of how a chatbot can boost your sales through Instagram. You can build the chatbot exactly the way you want. Another nice tip: is the product that the customer asks for out of stock? Then make sure that the chatbot immdiately proposes Spain Phone Number a similar product. Not shooting is always wrong. The benefits of a chatbot for sales You can boost sales. You improve the overall customer experience. Handle customer queries faster When customers have questions, they want to be helpd as quickly as possible. And nothing is faster than sending Spain Phone Number a DM when you’re already swiping Instagram. That is why more and more people are choosing to ask their questions via Instagram.

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