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So pick up your phone right away, and call your inbound prospects! Unfortunately, inbound leads are rarely enough to fill your pipeline, so read on to find out where you can find more leads. Sometimes when someone visits your website, they won’t leave you their name, but you can find their business name. Even if these visitors have not identified themselves, it does not mean that they are not active in the path to purchase, and you should contact them. Several tools, such as HubSpot’s “prospect” tool, allow you to obtain the list of companies that have visited your website. Identify a few interesting companies in this listing, find the contact whose profile most closely matches your buyer personas in the industry and pick up your phone!

As an expert in your market, you must stay tuned to its news. A lot of information can become very good reasons to contact a prospect: participation in trade fairs , press Namibia Phone Number List releases, new products, recruitments, etc… To track your prospects more easily, set up tools such as LinkedIn ‘s Sales Navigator , which will allow you to be notified of each news published on the company. As soon as an event that you have identified occurs, quickly pick up your phone to call the contact that you have identified. As you will have understood, in B2B sales prospecting, timing is key! In the construction of your personas, you have identified the platforms they frequent the most, and the content that interests them.

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Be proactive on these platforms and interact with them: post articles, videos, useful links, comment, like, repost… in short, make sure your prospect sees you! In addition to positioning yourself as a real , trustworthy expert in your target market, this approach will help you identify prospects and interact with them. Be careful, however, not to skip the steps: start by exchanging in a very disinterested way with your prospect on the platform on which you met before requesting a telephone meeting . In your contacts, you probably have someone who knows someone, who knows someone, … but most of all you probably have someone who knows an interesting contact in the company you are trying to reach.


Relationships in common are to be handled with care: only ask for an introduction to one of your contacts if you know him well enough. Having shared the benches of the English course in 6th B will surely not be enough to convince someone to introduce you to one of their contacts! With these tips, you’ll likely have identified a number of new prospects in the industry to contact congratulations! Before contacting them, remember to personalize your approach to their context. You wouldn’t want to ruin all your research work by making a cold call! And if you feel that your tools and/or your prospecting methodology are hindering your results.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to take part in our accelerated 8-week training. Which will give you the right reflexes to industrialize your prospecting. Robots are now part of our daily lives. Whether in our personal or professional life, new trends are all, or almost all, related to innovations and robots. In industry, robots are capable of ensuring hellish speeds. They are then the new darling of the bosses who see in them new tireless. Hyper-productive employees who do not require training. Robots are a real asset in industries to replace operators on tedious tasks. As mentioned above, robots are a real help for repetitive and tedious tasks.

Robots are the perfect players for this type of task. No fatigue, no injury, no work stoppage, no break, no difficulty, … Their use significantly increases production, and thus the number business. The main fear of employees of industrial companies – and not the least – is to see their position replaced by robots. The risk is present, especially if your missions are noticeably repetitive and painful. With the arrival of major Asian groups on our markets, companies must adapt to remain competitive. So yes, the risk exists, we cannot deny it because it is inevitable today.

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