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Distract and distract visitors from their mission: to give you their email. An intermediate option is to offer this possibility after obtaining the email address. In this case, you are addressing an audience who has Pakistan Phone Number List already expressed an interest in your offer and who has shown a real commitment by giving you an email address. It will therefore be natural that she accepts your offer to follow you on your social networks. Finally, The launch page is the active alternative to the passive “under construction” page. It can also be transposed to other types of situation such as the marketing launch of a new product or a new service, communication around an upcoming event, etc. To get to the perfect launch page, the one with the best conversion rate, you need to use A / B testing.

you will see which one is the best performing. But a launch page is useless if you don’t give it visibility. Super Socializer. This rather well-designed extension can be connected with over 100 social networks. It allows you to easily customize the size and shape of its buttons. The counters are updated in real time. Offer the opportunity to share your article anytime you read A popular option is the floating sidebar. Be careful though, because it must be admitted, on many sites this bar disfigures the design of the pages. But well chosen and well configured, it is a very good option. It has the advantage of allowing sharing at any time, therefore offering a certain freedom of action.

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Now it’s up to you to write texts that will provoke an irresistible desire to share. The free tool to test : Social media builder : In freemium version, you could link the networks Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and sharing via email. As for the sidebar display on the other hand, you will have to opt for one of the pro versions. starting at $ 9.95 / year. The paid tool that we recommend (at an affordable price): Social Warfare : from $ 24 / year This paid solution is very effective. It offers a neat design. This very complete plugin offers all the services mentioned in this article. You will also have access to detailed statistics.


One last precision, do not offer too many sharing networks. Keep in mind that too many choices do not lead to more reactions, on the contrary. So, choose the networks you want targeted according to your objectives (B2B, B2C…), your product and your target. Site in English. Free soundtrack music Paying A site with an unpleasant design. It is far from our favorite, but if you have a lot of time to devote to your research, you can make some pretty discoveries there. In the vast majority of cases, you will need to apply for an authorization for commercial use of the musical piece. If you have other sources to share, please let us know.

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Internet users use them (and it is surely true)… but… it remains nonetheless that their raison d’être exists. Mainly, because they have come into common use. Your visitor expects to see this option… don’t disappoint them. If one of your readers tries unsuccessfully to share or like your article, your site will give him a disappointing user experience … it is a visitor who will never return to your site, it is a lost prospect. In addition, on the internet and more particularly on social networks, getting shares is like getting a “recommendation”. And as famous American marketer Seth Godin says: “People don’t believe what you tell them.

They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They believe at all times what they say to themselves. ” These buttons can be placed anywhere on a page on your site. At the top, at the bottom, on the sides in a fixed way, on the sides but in a mobile way, in the middle of your text, at the foot of the page, at the end of the article … You can easily transform your page into a field full of buttons sharing. But of course, this is not the best solution. In the following paragraphs we will see where to place your buttons.

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