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The end result is often amateurish and does not encourage viewing, and in some cases harms their brand image. Rest assured, you don’t have to have the talent of a Tarantino, or invest in an overpriced video studio to get Netherlands Phone Number List professional lighting. You just need to follow these few good practices. Use diffused light The idea of recording your video in direct sunlight may have already crossed your mind. It is a wrong road. Indeed the full sun produces a harsh light, and its shadows, too frank, are not pleasing to the eye. Although harsh shadows can be used for artistic purposes, they are not suitable for lighting up your youtube video.

. If you want to film yourself outdoors and take advantage of the daylight, film yourself in sheltered places (under a veranda, on the terrace of a café, or under a parasol…). To get the best quality of light, I often recommend shooting your video on cloudy days: the clouds act as giant diffusers and produce soft, harmonious shadows. Study the configuration of your interior To record video indoors, you need a suitable room for recording. This room should have several windows providing adequate lighting for both the subject and the background. The walls should be relatively clear and preferably white. Be careful not to use unsuitable artificial lighting: bare bulbs, lamps, chandeliers.

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These types of lights do not provide enough power and often generate harsh shadows. Position yourself in front of the light source We notice too frequently a bad position of the person filmed in relation to the light source. This results in their face being poorly lit, which contributes to the amateurish look. In order to obtain regular lighting over the entire face, it is important to position yourself well in relation to your main light source. Position yourself in front of your light source, or turn 45 ° in relation to it: this will model more dynamic shadows, so dear to Rembrandt.


Note that even on an overcast day, the light has a direction. To know the position of the sun (and therefore how you should position yourself) look at how the shadows act around you: you will soon find out where the light is coming from. Avoid excessively extreme light conditions Although this is not a full-fledged error (too bright or too weak light can in some cases be corrected later in post-production), it is good practice to choose a balanced light. To find balanced light, scan multiple locations with good film potential. Shoot in each of these places a video of a few seconds of any subject (your hand will do) while ensuring the correct positioning of the light / subject.

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Then compare the different videos and choose the one that you think is the most successful. If you can’t make up your mind, you can also consult your entourage. Do not use LED or fluorescent lights Standard LED or fluorescent lights due to their frequency can cause the phenomenon of “flickering”. To put it simply, these bulbs do not blink fast enough to allow your camera / smartphone to record a suitable image. If you want to use artificial light, prefer incandescent lights instead, these will never cause “flickering”.

Invest in hardware We advise those who want to record. Youtube videos on a regular basis to invest in lighting equipment. Indeed, studio lights, diffusers and softboxes allow you to shape the light to your liking and greatly. Facilitate shooting while being less dependent on outdoor lighting conditions. These tools ensure consistency in the way you illuminate your videos. Which will help strengthen the consistency of your brand image. By following these few best practices for lighting your youtube video. You can make your recordings more professional without too much effort.

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