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I read the email to the end with genuine interest. Objective 1 has been achieved. So, without necessarily being so touting, your headlines should generate similar interest to this one. On a web page, your titles are also used for your referencing. And the higher the title (H1> H2…) the more important it is that it contains your keyword. Practical tool: Use a tool to visualize the structure of one of your pages and more particularly the hierarchy of your titles. This will make it easy to see if your entire page is consistent. We must be able to scan and understand your page just by reading its titles.

Aa little more and they structure your page. In diagonal reading, captions help the eye to find its way easily. They offer your reader a little more comfort by breaking up Afghanistan Phone Number List  an idea that would take too long to develop in one block. Write concise paragraphs To make your pages pleasant to read, offer an airy layout. Use leading headings to split your paragraphs into blocks of around 100 words or less. Keep sentences short and simple, with strong ideas in bold and important words in italics. Come up with seductive phrases Whether it is in substance or in form, write pleasant and simple sentences. Use language suited to your target audience and ditch the technical jargons.

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Avoid passive forms and overly scholarly stimulus formulas: “indeed”, “that’s why”, “nevertheless”… which are boring. Be more PER-CU-TANT ! If your reader is there on your page, it is because they are trying to fill a wait. So don’t focus your text on you . Do not present the characteristics of your product but its advantages. Don’t tell your reader that your service is great, but explain to them how He will become a great person if He uses your service . In short, put your reader in the center and try to offer them a place of actor within your page. Vary the pleasures Because routine is deadly and you don’t want to kill your readers, vary the styles! If you count it, throughout this article I have: Asked questions and I answered them.


Slipped in some hard-hitting numbers (true and verified numbers). Introduced humor. Used comparisons (metaphors can also be used) Used bulleted lists. Put inserts with useful and complementary information to my text. Offers content to share with a single click directly on Twitter. In short, by all these means I have kept you captive and actor of my text and if you have arrived there, I am sure you will read the few remaining lines. Use relevant examples To captivate your readers, give them an individual and personalized experience … or at least, that’s what they should perceive. In order for them to feel personally involved, your text must echo their personal experiences and needs.

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They need to recognize themselves in your story and for that you need to choose your examples based on your target reader. Concrete examples, precise and pictorial statistics or even figures reviewed on a human scale. For example, to show you the power of the internet, if I say to you: “In 2016, there were 4.2 billion requests on Google”, you find that “big” but ultimately, how does this affect you? And then, the number is so large that it becomes abstract. On the other hand, if I tell you “In France, more than 26 purchase transactions are recorded per second on e-commerce sites”.

There, the figure is palpable, there is a good chance that e-commerce will interest you and this just as demonstrates the power of the internet. You can also take your readers to task with verifiable data, and encourage them to do so. “If you find it hard to believe it, check it out for yourself! ” Use carefully selected visuals Your visuals shouldn’t be a distraction. They should not distract the reader’s attention from your text otherwise they will become a potential way out. You have 3 possibilities: 1 / Your visual serves as a transition between 2 parts. It does not deliver any information but it gives rhythm to the reading and serves as a “trailer” for what will follow.

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