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Hotmart page creator. With the hotmart extension page builder. You can create landing pages. Thank you pages and capture pages even if you have no programming knowledge. The tool even allows you to customize existing templates or create pages from scratch. The hotmart extension is only available in brazil. 262 13 tips for converting landing pages if you followed our advice. You probably already rented a tool to create your landing pages. But that doesn’t mean your work is over! Now comes the section to customize the page based on your character’s interests. In addition to aesthetic preferences such as color. Font. And image placement. There are other elements you need to consider if you want to create a landing page that generates more sales. Let’s go find them.

Write empathic copy when used correctly. Copying (the english term for “text”) can account for up to 70% of your sales. There are several psychological triggers that can be used in text to make your page more engaging and persuasive to visitors. An example is scarcity. When you convince your visitors that the offer won’t be available for a long period of time. However. Using marketing technology is of no use if your language cannot engage and create a conversation with the people who visit your page. Before creating a landing page. Think about the problems your audience faces. And then think about the best way to showcase your product/service. This exercise will help you become more confident in your proposals and provide relevant content to your users. 2. Create a catchy headline on the internet.

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79% of users just browse the text rather than read it word for word. This statistic underscores the importance of having compelling text from Hungary phone number start to finish! Landing page titles should convincingly summarize what your page has to offer. If you start your text with a promise to your visitors. They are more likely to continue reading the next few paragraphs. Which gives you more time to convince them that your product is right for them. 3. Include buyer testimonials in storytelling posts. We show that individuals make buying decisions based on their emotions. When we are faced with a situation where we have to choose between two or more options. Reading testimonials from people who have already used a certain product has a big impact on our decision. Depending on the purpose of your page.

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Placing testimonials from satisfied customers can help you get closer to your prospects and strengthen your authority on the topic. Want more tips for making good copies? Visit our post on the main steps to making your first sale as a member. 4. Insert feature image the main tip about images on your landing page is: choose lightweight. Your files should be between 100 and 200kb (never more than 500kb). As lightweight images reduce landing load times. Which is great for user experience. You can also use an image compressor to resize heavier files. As long as this doesn’t affect the resolution of the image. Remember that low-resolution images can hinder your understanding of the message and may hinder your ranking in search engines. In addition to the dimensions and qualities we’ve already mentioned.

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Your images must be functional. Communicate the purpose of your ad or webpage. And complement your copy. Given this tip. It’s important to discuss the most appropriate type of image. In this case. There is no single answer. The images will change based on your character’s interests. For example. If your consumers are people who work in art. Your images must be more aesthetically appealing than those aimed at other audiences. Lastly. Your images must be faithful to the product you advertise. In the digital product marketplace. This means materializing your offer to the user! If you’re selling an online course. Use a photo of someone reading on a tablet or studying. This way. You get a clear picture of what you’re selling and how users are accessing it. 5. Don’t forget the call to action (cta) as we said at the beginning of this article.

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