An increasingly personalized shopping experience

Analyzing consumer behaviors going upstream of the purchasing process to understand what they increasingly personalized shopping look at, where they read,  how they compare and what they think when evaluating a increasingly personalized shopping product or service inside Brazil Phone Number List and outside the store. Why do this? Simple: because the sales processes have changed radically.

Smart technologies in increasingly personalized shopping retail, visible and invisible

Eating, Brazil Phone Number List dressing, working, studying, socializing, distracting yourself, having fun… today there are more horizons of need and desire. What the distribution increasingly personalized shopping has understood is that A whole series of factors and variables influence Brazil Phone Number List purchases. Engagement and loyalty, Depend on an emotional journey where friends,

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the environment, the fashions that create status symbols come into play as well as the different digital dimensions with which each of us is confronted Brazil Phone Number List every day. From price comparison sites to social networks from advertising to the increasingly sophisticated Brazil Phone Number List strategies of vendors, including promotions, gamification, proximity Brazil Phone Number List marketing and events.

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