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You can make the link with the Singapore Phone Number conversion with the machine learning statistic ‘session quality’. Do you have an e-commerce website with less than 1000 transactions or a no eCommerce website? Then you will have to create this stat yourself with a custom segment. I explain that later in the article. In this article, I discuss what session quality actually is. And not unimportant: what you can do Singapore Phone Number with it. Finally, I will show you three practical examples of insights you can gain from this.

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Ready to start with the basics to determine Singapore Phone Number your visit quality? The how and why of session quality is nothing but an indicator of the number of relevant visits to your website. These are users where you have an above-average chance that they can generate conversions. Bounce rate is Singapore Phone Number part of this, but no more than that. You also have to include the visiting time and the pages viewed. And of course, the chance that this type of user will generate a conversion.

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This is all in the ‘session quality metric. How does Singapore Phone Number does Google Analytics do this now? Google Analytics gives each visit a relevance score of 0-100. I find it quite impressive to see how machine learning can determine the visit quality on your website in such detail. Where can you find this session quality? Under Audience > Behavior > Session Quality: Visit quality in Google Analytics Figure 1: Average Singapore Phone Number Visit Quality In the image above you can determine the visit quality of the most important channels at a glance.


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