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Have you thought about starting a blog but you are not sure where to start. Would you like to become a professional blogger. But don’t know which tools to use since I was a child I have been. Very curious and creative. Creativity has always been a way to express my inner self. To communicate with the world, even before conquering the word. I channeled it in a different way, from drawings. To painting, to writing, to the Poland Phone Number List composition of poems, to the first themes at school. That created debates and reflections in the classroom, the first. Literary competitions, dance, to then come to the blog, to love for writing. For the art of narrating, for playing with words, with their sounds, meanings. Creating short circuits between different worlds. I opened my very first blog out of curiosity.

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Born in 2001 from an idea of ​​marco palombi and francesco delfino. Which was also closed in 2012 with the rise of others platforms like. WordPress and blogger I have written and I am. Writing for various publications, newspapers and online magazines. Blogs and for a couple of years I have also launched giodit com. My name and surname and I take this opportunity to point out. That di troia is my Poland Phone number surname and for those who contact me and break. Their souls and are apparently incredulous, and others with so many. Filth to put it in bonolis, and so many free intimidations and ” compliments. And suggestions for stage names let’s not waste any more time eh. I’m stubborn and I don’t change nada de nada anyway.

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Have clear ideas of what you want to do and where to arrive, have already found your own dimension in the “Market” and already have a slice of it, you must have revenues that exceed 5,000 euro, you do not have to be one of the ranks and has just opened his first blog in practice. Timing in life and in business is everything, not a moment before, not a moment later, but that precise moment, you have to take the big leap or take opportunities only when the times are right, you don’t have to be in too much of a hurry but not even walk. Too slowly. Making a dream come trueit has costs, not only an initial price, but continuous material, psychological and physical cost.

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