Advanced Analytics: how to bring the right information to the business

Anticipating problems, behaviors, needs and trends: it is only with advanced data analysis that companies today find new business opportunities. The application of Machine Learning algorithms to data collected in real time opens up scenarios that were previously unthinkable. “The Nova methodology allows you to experience the benefits of these projects very quickly”, explains Serena Aright, CEO of Nova.

Big Data and Fast Advanced Analytics Data

Advanced Analytics represent an indisputable source of competitive advantage for companies. The ability to , needs and trends opens up new Belize Phone Numbers List business scenarios and new opportunities. And if in the past years the management’s attention was turned to the past, to the analysis of metrics and KPIs, to the generation of statistics and final reports, today division directors Belize Phone Numbers List and CXO.

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Today’s technology makes it possible to use data not only in descriptive mode, as was the case in traditional Business Intelligence systems, but also in Belize Phone Numbers List modes, reasoning from a Data Driven point of view “. The ability to support decision-making processes with Belize Phone Numbers List projections and hypotheses which, thanks to the application

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