Actually There Are Many Things That Users

Keyword stuffing

keyword stuffing
this metho is done to accumulate keywords excessively regardless of the content of their content. The important thing is the keywords many, but

unfortunately this makes their website labele as having low quality content and is considered spam as well.

Although this black hat seo technique is able

to improve on search engines, this will not be long and permanent. At the beginning, we can really feel the impact that is so fast, but gradually it will run agroun and be drowne by a more quality website. Especially when you are penalize by google, it will be very Hong Kong Phone Number difficult to fix this because of the detecte violations.

Actually there are many things that users of this technique do such as using duplicate content (agc), using article spins, comment spam, pages  that have malicious purposes such as phishing, viruses and so on. Of course, not only that, the behavior of users of this technique is very detrimental to other people as well because the content presented is not in accordance with what is needed by the audience.

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is black hat seo suitable for today?
From the explanation above, we already know how bad this technique is. It’s true to get visitors quickly this technique is very suitable, but  what if we have a long-term business. Traffic is indeed neede for a website but this is also a consideration for the future of our business. Do not let the reputation of the company is also affecte. In addition to updating the google algorithm which is increasingly sophisticate,

it will be a big loss if we continue to use fraudulent techniques. Google’s own algorithm also has a goal to prevent fraudulent, manipulative activity on google search.

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