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It is therefore necessary to significantly increase your number of prospects to increase this providential third party. Encourage registration with a proposal that cannot be refused To increase its registration rate it seems obvious but, think Hong Kong Phone Number List of the registration form. It should be simple and visible on your site. It does not just offer to “subscribe” but it explains in one sentence all the advantages of receiving your newsletter. The “take advantage of our exceptional discounts” approach focused on good deals and discounts are the most commonly used, but it is in your interest to let your imagination run free to set yourself apart.

This catchphrase must be studied to give an irrepressible desire to register, like a subtle order, like evidence. Choose your words and work on the twist. The Internet user, when reading it, must answer spontaneously and sincerely “Yes, I want it”. At My little Paris for example, we play on emotion: increase newsletter subscription At Innocent, we focus on humor and the simplicity of a maxim known to all: increase newsletter subscription In general, this form sets the tone for your mailings. By its content and its form, it sticks to the editorial line of your newsletter.

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On the World website , access to th newsletter is via a simple button at the top of the page: increase newsletter subscription which leads to a classic form, reflecting the image of the World in the world of the press: increase newsletter subscription Michel and Augustin (the troublemakers of taste) offer a more offbeat form: increase newsletter subscription … Accessible by a flashy green button that is easily identifiable at the top of the page: increase newsletter subscription Place it on the home page then, but make a reminder at the bottom of your articles and in the “about” section of your site. This form can also be placed permanently on the site, at a particularly relevant location which can be in the middle of a paragraph).


A window presenting a registration form opens after a few seconds of browsing your site, or halfway through reading an article, or on a particular page selected for its correlation between its content and your newsletter. This window can appear in the middle of the page but also at the bottom, on the right or even on the left. The plugin for WordPress “Welcome Mat”, developed by Sumome will allow you to transform your pages into landing pages with high conversion potential, by displaying a registration form in full screen: welcome mat.

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Finally, think about simplicity and speed. Do not try to collect too much information at once because a long and intrusive form will discourage your potential registrants from taking action. In this specific case, the best can be the enemy of the good. Give before you receive Keep in mind that the real reward for signing up is your newsletter itself. Its content must, each time, meet the expectations of your subscribers. However, to boost registrations and convince skeptics, you can offer a small bonus. In a non-exhaustive way and in the disorder: free shipping, a reduction, a free. E-book, access to tutorials, templates, participation in a competition …

For this last endowment, put into play a lot directly related to your activity. Of course, offering an endowment of € 2,500 is attractive and you will increase your subscribers but. On the first send, this figure will decrease considerably because you. Will have attracted opportunists, whose commitment to your company was only fake. Encourage sharing of your newsletter The key to getting people talking about you is the quality of your newsletter. A happy reader will easily recommend you to a friend. Give him the idea with a simple sentence and / or set up an accessible form on your site. increase newsletter subscription. What about co-registration? Co-registration: “nf action which consists of offering an. Internet user who has just completed a registration form. To receive information (newsletter) from one or more partner (s).

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