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Such as special live broadcasts, special Kuwait Phone Number offers on products and services and groups that they belong to alone. Via the Meta tools you can add a so-called “subscriber CTA” to your posts. This is a special button that allows people to easily register for Kuwait Phone Number this select group. This feature has not yet been rolled out in all countries, but it is already active in the Netherlands. And Belgium will follow in the coming months, according to Meta.

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So far I have not found a good example of this, but that Kuwait Phone Number may change in the near future. Conditions subscription option To participate, you must have a very active page with: enough followers (above 10,000) many people who regularly watch your Kuwait Phone Number videos (more than 250 repeat viewers in the last 60 days) high engagement (at least 50,000 post-engagement or 180,000 watch minutes).

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You can only set up a subscription option if you Kuwait Phone Number meet all the conditions. As soon as your application has been approved, you will receive a special section “fan subscriptions” as a page where you can shape your subscriptions a bit more. You decide per post what everyone can see and which posts can only be saw by your subscribers. You also choose the benefits and also the price of your subscription itself.

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