5 Reasons Why Blogs Are Still

The fact is, blogging is still a very common type of content marketing, second only to video content. Many brands you know and love use blogging in their everyday marketing efforts. Besides being common, blogs have a lot of benefits that other forms of content marketing can’t duplicate. Here are 5 reasons why blogging is still a great way to create content, and tips for how to create your own blog. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 Provide Value Blogs are a great way to showcase your expertise to your customers. Writing about the services or products you offer shows that you really know what you’re doing. This establishes credibility and therefore is important for your business to grow.


When customers trust you


That’s how you earn their business. Whether it’s providing insight about recent industry news and trends, or offering advice that your ideal customer would appreciate, any knowledge shared can do wonders for your business. The main reason that people read blogs is to gather information and research. Often, just writing a blog post answering your Vietnam Phone Number customers’ questions is a great way to provide valuable content that they will really care about. The Social Media CEO is a great example of a blog that is purely informational. The blog focuses on how-to’s, industry news, and providing resources for readers. Because of the value provided to customers, they are seen as an expert in their field, enabling The Social Media CEO to sell various products and courses.



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Commerce-2022 Try writing a short blog post about something you are an expert in. What may seem obvious to you may not be to your readers. If they come across your post and learn something that they never knew and that is helpful to them, they will view you as the authority on the subject. This increases the likelihood that they will come to you for more answers in the future. Drive Sales A blog can serve as an essential piece of your sales funnel. Within a single blog post, you can include several links, which can encourage readers to take action, leading them to the sites you want them to visit, such as your own website. From there they can learn about your services or products, which in turn increases sales. Another way to drive sales from a blog post is by using calls to action.

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