The goal in that sense is not so much ‘ optimizing the customer experience ‘, but, still, achieving objectives in terms of profit and turnover. You are not a product , you are a resource. 2 basic ideas: If the customer trusts you, he wants to share everything with you If you can give the customer something valuable in return, he wants to share everything with you What everyone is so full of KPN has succeeded in making suitable commercial offers to a calling customer by using data.

The term used is Next Best Actions , which in practice means that the system suggests 3 service offers. Result: churn a piece down, convert a piece up. After KPN’s presentation , the room host asks the question whether this system is good for the customer or good for KPN. The answer essentially boils down to the fact that the revenue targets have been prioritized in the past and that there is now more of a shift towards the customer.

At least as striking, if not more striking, is the fact that this winner of the DDMA Customer Award 2019 during the same moment of questioning states the following: “360 degree customer view, which everyone is talking about so much – we didn’t have it and we don’t have it. ” In the morning I have a short conversation with a conference visitor about the hype and the promise of Big Data and the whole fairground around it; at one point she says: “I have the feeling that everyone always ends up with Excel.”

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