The words of Reineke Reitsma, vice president and research director at Forrester, doom & gloom . Doom and gloom: data analysts and marketers and the battle for relevance. Get that data relevance over the table with your sales manager, who has only been doing it the same way for 30 years. Show how you can really achieve your sales targets much more efficiently with that data collection.

Free up those resources and get that data-driven transition off the ground. Even higher threshold The threshold suddenly becomes a lot higher when it turns out that it is not just about a different way of working (confetti in the Data Science department when a budget is finally released for the development of a simple dashboard ). After all, there’s a lot more at stake: it’s about breaking ideas, patterns, and habits with roots that go miles (kilometers!) deep.

Soil that must be shifted, a culture that must be completely turned upside down. Demonstrate utility Challenge: if you want to get that data transition going, you will have to demonstrate the hard, numerical usefulness of that transition somewhere. Keep talking, keep signaling, if necessary, get started with a dashboard all by yourself. In any case, enable yourself to link the insights you can gain from data to the commercial objectives of the organization. And then persevere, perhaps for a very long time.

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