Talking about data isn’t always easy, especially when you use imaginative imagery. Because: a liter of oil in itself does not become more valuable if you add another liter of oil. Data does become more valuable if you add more data to it. But even then someone can stand up and say: “Guys, not so fast”. You can just as easily make the same amount of data less valuable if you add qualitatively poor data to it.

Maybe in both cases your refining process is a mess and your output is therefore worth less quality than what you started with. Data Transition_DDMA Confusion The confusion does not stop there, because while Pim talks about the success of the data science team at Bol in his talk, a little later in Dela’s presentation, it is told that the organization has recently dissolved its data science team.

Companies are also only looking for their own pragmatic mode, their own way of fulfilling the promise of the data-driven organization . Motto: from data to insights. The expressions of this motto cause some sober dissonance here and there on this congress day: “Oh, you do it like this. Well, that’s how we do it, it works for us too – equally good friends.” Also read: Want to grow your business faster?

Focus on growth hacking & customer data There is a general consensus about what that result should be. Not so strange: everything is still at the service of the turnover ambitions. In the hype of the moment ( Big Data! Customer Relevance! Next Best Action!) you would almost forget it. Same smoke development, same chimney, different fuel. As long as you call it (not) oil. About support There is also, in

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