2 SEO Metrics To Consider Change Of Heart Is A Good Or Bad Thing

With so much data in modern analytics tools it’s tempting. To think of everything as kpis to get a more complete picture.  However misused data can be misleading Here are two metrics you should look at or look at differently. This one is debatable, but just looking at the number of conversions to your website. Over a specified period of time as a measure of your website’s effectiveness can be a mistake. This is because conversion does not convey the full story. For example if 10 visitors bought something on your website yesterday but only. Four did today is your website bad today not necessarily if the product sold today is more. Expensive than yesterday or if the total value of the order is higher than yesterday the number. Of conversions gives a false impression of how your website works.

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Mean other things for a variety of websites from filling out an application form to registering for a webinar. And not all of that means revenue for your business. So you can have amazing conversion numbers without generating any revenue from them. Simply put conversion to SEO Brazil Phone Number can mean a lot more than buying And if that doesn’t lead to revenue in the end it shouldn’t be a top metric to follow. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors leaving your site after visiting just one page. This means that visitors did not click on internal links to view other pages on your site. It is not a good idea to consider the average conversion rate across a website as an SEO metric.

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Rates can have different meanings and do not necessarily give a concrete idea. While this may refer to irrelevant content or bad form or navigation it can also mean that the content responds immediately and completely satisfactorily to your users ’questions. For example if a visitor comes naturally to your blog post, reads the article from top to bottom, and leaves a dissatisfaction with a possible response it is still classified as a bounce. In fact, your post has been thoroughly read and found by visitors to be useful. Looking at this metric in page rank is good, but using site conversion rate as an important metric can be misleading. In short, if the bounce rate fluctuates a lot, you can’t tell if the average bounce rate.

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